Company Management

Jupiter Energy Limited is a Kazakh focused oil exploration and production company. The vast majority of the Company's workforce are based at its Operational Centre in Aktau, the port city located on the Caspian Sea in the Mangistau Oblast.

Aktau is an approximate 1.5 hour drive from Block 31. The Aktau office is responsible for all day-to-day functions including Drilling Operations, Geoscience, Engineering, Finance, Legal and Administration.

The Aktau team is currently operating all of its five production wells, although the J-58 well is due to be shut in as of early September 2021 as the West Zhetybai field begins the approval process to transition from Trial Production to Commercial Production. Staffing numbers stand at ~35 people and the Company also uses a number of Aktau based sub contractors for specific field work when required - all managed under the leadership and supervision of the Aktau Management Team who in turn report as a group directly to the Group CEO.

The organisation is very conscious of the need to combine international and local experience and the leadership team is built on the philosophy of being able to think and act across borders, blending autonomy with corporate governance, discipline and control.